Custom Wedding Invitations




When should I order invitations?

Please have a look at our wedding stationery guide where you can find out which month you should order your invitations/stationery depending on your wedding day. In general, it is usually more than 6 months before your big day so you can mail them to your guests approximately 2 months before wedding (international guests should receive the invitations even some weeks earlier).

Do you offer stationery collections to choose from?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. But we are working on our wedding collections so we can offer them to our clients in the near future.
At the moment we only specialize in custom made stationery – a la carte – however we do have a price list with all available options, more details and useful information, please check our wedding stationery guide and wedding price list.

What currency do you charge in?

As we are based and work from our creative studio in Europe (north of Spain) we charge in Euro €. In case you do not use Euro € we will calculate the amount according to the latest bank rate conversion.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, absolutely! We love to have international clients.
Your shipping will be calculated prior to sending. We usually use Spanish Post (Correos) or DHL/UPS Courier for demanded express shipping. In both cases you will get tracking details.
Shipping in European countries takes normally up to 7 business days, to non-European countries between 10-14 business days. We would like to inform you that we are not responsible for any delays, losses or damages caused by transit.

How long does the whole process last from the start to finish?

We always do our best for our clients to get their wedding stationery/goods as soon as possible. The timeline depends on our communication, design difficulties and print technique. It usually takes between 3-8 weeks.
For other wedding papers such as name/place cards and menus we ship within 4 weeks (also depends on the design and print technique) as you might not have finalized your wedding guests list until some weeks before the wedding.

Can my order be rushed?

Yes, but we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible and an additional fee of €200 will be charged to proceed the rush order.
(note: Rush order means your design-making will be put in front of the client´s line not that it will be made quickly without paying attention to details)

Can I order only a digital form of our invitation design and get it printed on my own?

Yes, the price for a digital file starts at €300, depending on difficulty of the design. You will get your design in high resolution files (PNG, PDF, JPG). We only create custom wedding stationery so the final price of your digital design will be calculated after all specific details on your demand.

Do you design in any other language than English?

Of course! We´ve already had the pleasure to create designs in more languages (Spanish, Italian, Slovak) so we are more than happy to try some other.
We will kindly ask you to send us your text with the exact characters (diacritics, accents, special letters…) so we can write it correctly and we will send the final design back to you to check it.

Is there a minimum amount of invitations?

Our minimum amount is 40 pieces because of printing techniques.

Is the design and illustrations made by you?

Yes, absolutely! All our designs are originals, custom made by our creative studio, coming from our heart, inspired by nature and beautiful details. Our designs are printed by professional printing houses which we have only the best experiences with. Your wedding papers are also embellished by hand in our studio and packed manually with love only for you.

What if there is a misspelling in my invitations?

We always check the full invitation´s text before sending it to you for final approve. Therefore we do not take responsibility if there is a mistake after it has been approved by you. The same applies to envelope addressing, name cards etc… In such case we will do our best to remake the whole process as soon as possible and the regular calligraphy fee will be charged plus shipping.
If it´s our mistake we will try to do our best to rewrite/remake your stationery as soon as possible and ship it to you free of charge.

Can I add more invitations?

If the design hasn´t been sent to printer´s, yes, you still can do so and we will calculate the final amount of invitations for you.
If invitations have been already sent to you and you would like to increase your quantity, we will charge you again for production and shipping of this extra amount.
Unfortunately, we cannot decrease the quantity of your invitations once your order has been placed. That´s why we recommend you to check the amount of invitations properly and add some extras (in case of last moment guests or keepsakes).

What other services do you offer?

Firstly, we specialize in calligraphy and wedding stationery, however we also offer original illustrations, watercolor illustrations, logo design and custom calligraphy (hand-written letters, notes, poems, personal texts…) As it is a very specific and custom job, it will be calculated once your order has been placed.

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